I like to think that I am pragmatic in my approach to the change we all wish in our lives, if it were easy, it’d be done already. Change is uncomfortable but it is the place we can experience the most growth. Having a trust in your therapist, where progress not perfection, is recognized and celebrated.
Improving relationships through individual growth. Working to improve our own communication, beliefs about our self and emotional intelligence can improve our close relationships. Afterall, the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

Relationship Counselling with Individuals

Through facilitating increased listening, communication and emotional awareness, whereby one willing partner can change patterns in their relationship with themselves and others towards growth.

Synergetic Play Therapist

I work with children and their parents to find balance at school and home. I have been certified and received supervision through the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute. Play Therapy – Synergetic play therapy is shown to provide and increased capacity for regulation.

Facilitator of Men In Change

Group at Connect Counselling Kelowna

Incredible Years

Parenting Course

Parenting After Separation

Course Facilitator

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

EFFT certification in process

Parenting Coach and instructor

Synergetic Play Therapist



10 Years experience running Men’s Groups, Parenting and Mindfulness

One on One Counselling for anxiety, depression, relationship stress, trauma, parent coaching and grief.

Parenting support and coaching to strategize ways to improve behavior, coping and school success.

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